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How to Improve Coding skills by doing 100 Days Of Code? Here are the 16 benefits that I got from it.

Let's discuss the whole journey.

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·May 27, 2022·

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How to Improve Coding skills by doing 100 Days Of Code? Here are the 16 benefits that I got from it.

On 26 May 2022, I completed the 100 Days of code series on Twitter. I was consistent for the first 48 days but after that, due to my family problem I broke that consistency. I again started my leftover days of code on 06 April 2022 and I coded daily.

Let's discuss important things about 100 Days Of Code.

What are 100 Days of Code? 🤔

I really want to become a better developer. But I found that I need some kind of consistency and planning in my coding to become a better web developer. On Twitter, many developers were doing 100 Days of Code. I liked this idea to make consistency and improve my skills.

So I did 100 Days of code series on Twitter. 100 Days of code is nothing but doing coding every day and telling the world that today I have done this. If possible explain your project with a small thread.

The benefit of posting on Twitter is that people will give you feedback which can help you to improve your coding skills and thus boost your confidence.

How did I start 100 Days of Code? ⚡️

I always love to see different websites and want to develop them so for this I was planning to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In mid-November 2021, I wrote my first code in HTML and I studied every day for at least 4 to 6 hours. At the starting of December 2021, I started learning CSS in depth.

I made some simple projects like Navbar, Hero section, Product section, etc. But I was not yet comfortable with HTML and CSS. I used to search simple problems a lot on google and stack overflow.

At that point, I needed some help from the developer who was developing websites. So I searched on the internet, on how to connect with developers then there was one blog post where Twitter was mentioned as a good place to be in connection with good developers.

I explored Twitter at the starting of January 2022. Followed some good Twitter accounts, and read their Twitter posts/threads. I liked Twitter and how people were learning from each other.

How did I plan the whole journey? 🚀

on 26 January 2022, I started 100 Days of Code. Before planning this journey, I read the quote - "Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.

My planning was -

  • To learn HTML, CSS, and JS daily.
  • At least 2 hours of daily coding.
  • Practice more than learning.
  • Share maximum projects on Twitter with an explanation if possible share the codepen link too.
  • Make 6-7 responsive website templates.

⭐️ Benefits I got from 100 Days of Code -

Hard work always pays off, I also got the fruit of my hard work.

Here are the benefits/Improvements that I got from 100 Days of Code -

  1. I learned JavaScript.
  2. Practised many Projects on HTML, CSS, and JS.
  3. Shared Projects on Twitter with explanations.
  4. By doing these I Improved my writing skills.
  5. Doing things consistently improved me a lot like I am not afraid of doing the tasks.
  6. There were ups and downs but I did not give up.
  7. Earned my first Internet money by completing a project.
  8. Learned Git and GitHub.
  9. Learned TailwindCSS.
  10. Learned ReactJS basics.
  11. Did more practice than learning.
  12. Made 5 to 6 responsive websites template.
  13. Learned some designing in Figma/Canva.
  14. Made an open-source contribution.
  15. Got the opportunity to Connect with great personalities on twitter like @swapnakpanda , @shrutibalasa , @csaba_kissi, and @tapasadhikary.
  16. Of course by doing all these, I made very good friends on Twitter.

Bonus Benefit 🔥 :- By doing code daily and sharing projects on Twitter I grew my Audience from 0 to 3200+.

That's all about this article.😀

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